gearing up for the week ahead…

Tomorrow starts another busy week at the Rec Center, but in some ways a slower one.  After a busy summer of camps at YHBC and various groups in and out of the Rec Center we are settling back into a school year schedule.  For the most part it’s still a busy time, but with a more set schedule.

Last week the group from PA was able to get a lot done on the new restrooms at the Rec.  We are so thankful for all the help that we had last week and the progress that was made.   Please pray though that the needed help for completing the bathrooms will come as well.

This week I am also going to be working on getting all the flyers and paperwork together to restart our junior bowling league back on Monday’s at the Rec Center.  I am really excited to get this league going again as we get a great chance to interact with the kids.  Also during this league last year I had the opportunity to help lead a student to Christ so I really have a special place in my heart for the league.

I’m also excited to be getting back to teaching the teens on Wednesday night at church after being away from them the past two weeks.  My new teaching material hasn’t came in yet and so this week I get to teach on whatever I want.  So I am going to use it as a preparation week for FCA, by teaching one of the lessons from this year’s FCA game changer devotions.  Not only am I getting prepped for FCA, they lessons are great and really meet teenagers where they are whether at church or in school.

All in all a lot of things will be going on this week, but I am ready to get back into routine and also start planning and prepping for school year ministries where we can hopefully impact many lives for Christ!


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