jr. bowling league…

Today I have been working on getting flyers and paper work together for the various bowling leagues that will be taking place this school year at the Rec Center.  The main one that I have been working on is the Monday after school jr. bowling league.  For a couple of years we had tried to get a youth bowling league going at the Rec Center on Saturdays, but it just never really took off.  For a variety of reasons the kids weren’t committed to being here regularly or some of the parents just wouldn’t get up to bring their kids bowling on a Saturday morning.

Last year we decided to change things up a bit and with the school’s permission we were able to get a bus from YHBC and bring kids from all four of the Lee County schools out to the Rec Center to bowl on Mondays.  Because the parents didn’t have to bring them we ended up having a great turn out that was very committed to bowling the whole school year.  We actually averaged about 30-40 students a week.

As I shared earlier this week, this league has been dear to me, because it allowed me to opportunity to help lead a young student to Christ.  Through interacting with the students one on one with helping them learn to bowl and just seeing how they are doing each week we have been able to build a lot of good relationships with the kids.  We have a big mixture of students, having some that come from great home situations to other’s that rarely see their parents.  But in each situation we are able to give each student the attention they so desperately seek.  We are praying that this year these relationships will build into more opportunities to share Christ with our students

This year our league will begin on August 22 and in the next few days I will be visiting schools passing out flyers and trying to get kids to sign up for the league.  Please join us in prayer now that God would direct the students that need to be here to join the league.  Pray now that we will recognize when God is giving the opportunity to most impact the students with the Gospel!  Thank you so much and if you are interested in becoming a bowling coach/mentor for this league please let me know!


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