an evening at home w/ my girls…sorta…

Last night my dear sweet Maeven decided that sleep wasn’t important for anyone in our house. So from 1 am on, Erin or I or both of us were up rocking or trying to get her to sleep. When daylight finally arrived we were both more tired than when we had originally went to bed.

On top of all that Erin has really been struggling with bad nausea which has been an all day every day battle this week. So I decided to skip bowling in the league tonight to come home and help get the baby ready for bed and allow Erin to get some rest. I am very glad I was able to do this, however since 8 pm I have been pretty much all by myself, even though everyone is home. Even my dogs are sleeping!!!

So, I am sitting here enjoying some Wipeout on tv and had wanted to pass the hours away by blogging something deeply profound. Unfortunately the most profound thing I could come up with was the word profound.

I’ve also been sitting here pondering our future housing situation, praying that God would allow us to find a home before the new baby come in March. I just can’t wrap my mind around where a new baby will go in this house. So many prayers are going up here about our housing issue and yours would be greatly appreciated as well.

Also crossing my mind tonight has been just thinking of ways to reach our local teens this school year. I am really praying that God will give us wisdom in what ministry ideas to pursue here. I would love to be able to break the cycle of apathy that many of the local students have about their relationships with God. And even when saying that, I realize it’s not even apathy, it’s a total lack of relationship. It’s just wanting not to go to hell, but not wanting to make Christ the Lord of their lives. I want us to be able to share our passion for Christ in a way that will catch fire with the students and spread throughout their school, family and friends.

So, as you can see when left on my own many thoughts and prayers cross my mind. Still nothing that profound, but nonetheless very important stuff. Thanks so much for your prayers!


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