lazy sunday…

This afternoon I am doing one of my favorite Sunday activities, that is when there is no NFL, I’m laying on my comfy couch and fading somewhere between napping and watching a movie.  Erin and I put on a good comedy and have just enjoyed talking and having a good laugh.  I know it’s rather simple, but I love it.

Another reason I am really enjoying today is because I know that this week is going to be pretty hectic.   We are going to be hitting the local schools this week with flyers and announcements for our upcoming after school bowling league that starts next week.  Also I am going to be teaching a class on sports ministry to a group of home missionaries at YHBC on Friday.  I love to be able to share with others about the value of sports ministry and how it can cross barriers that other types of ministry can’t.  So, please pray that I will be able to put together a good class and that I will communicate well.  Speaking to adults is not my most comfortable place to be so I am a bit nervous.

Also, I am praying that I will get some good weather this week to catch up my mowing at home.  So far things haven’t been growing too fast, so maybe I will have some luck w/ my mowing.

Well, back to my movie/nap!!!


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