ready for some football…

As most of you know I grew up in a town where there is no football.  Between the low population and football being so expensive we just didn’t have enough people and resources for a team.  Also, there is no professional football team in Kentucky either.  Yet when I was about 5 or 6 two things happened that made me not only a football fan but a Dallas Cowboys fan.  First in some of the used clothing that was donated to KMM my parents found me a navy blue t-shirt with a Cowboys star on it.  Then shortly after i was given a pack of topps football cards.  In that pack the first card I saw was an Ed “Too Tall” Jones card.  I knew it was a sign, I needed to like football and the Cowboys.



For my first few years as a Cowboys fan it was pretty rough.  They were terrible, weren’t on local tv that much, and my parents weren’t football fans,  and no internet so I really couldn’t keep up with them very much.  Yet, I knew I was loyal and finally they started winning, being on tv more, and I was able to control the tv so that I could see the games it was great, 3 super bowls in the 90’s.  The years after Aikman, Emmett, Irvin, and Dion were rough, but the Boy’s have shown signs of life.  And now even though I am married and have to watch a lot of the games on the dvr, threatening people not to tell me scores, I’m still a loyal fan.

Tonight as I was watching tv a commercial for a Cowboys’ preseason game next Sunday night came on.  It had all the pump you up excitement that the could cram into 30 seconds.  There was Romo talking about coming back from last season’s season ending injury and how the ‘Boys would return to greatness.  With that commercial I was once again reminded of my deep loyalty and got the urge to get my jersey out of the closet, and get ready to cheer the team on again this season, full of hope that this will be the year they return to their Super Bowl winning ways.  So for now I have hope and am read for some football…Cowboys Football!!!


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