please pray…

Today my uncle, Roger Owens, had surgery to remove one of his lungs due to wide spread cancer in it. While doing the surgery doctors found out that the cancer had spread to the other lung as well. Since coming out of the surgery he has been struggling and some of the things they could do to help him rest and heal might actually do more harm for him. With his prognosis not looking good and struggling to recover from the surgery, please remember him in your prayers tonight.

Also be praying for my dad, William Owens, as he left to be with my uncle at 5 this morning, came home for a meeting and then is heading back out sometime to go back to the hospital. I know he has to be exhausted so pray for his safety travelling back and forth the the hospital. Also, please pray for dad as he will have multiple opportunities to witness and share Jesus many unsaved family members and others while there. Hopefully through this hard time decisions to trust Christ will be made. Thank you so much for your prayers!!


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