safe and sound….

This morning we got up and ready to go to start our vacation.  Maeven seemed to be in good spirits we got everything loaded into the van, said a prayer for safety, turned the key……and nothing.  Evidently the gps had been on all night and drained the battery.  Thankfully I had my jumper cables in my truck and  was able to jump start the van no problem.  I also thought it best to put the jumper cables in the van in case something happened again.  We are very thankful that God was good and no more van troubles the rest of the trip.

To keep Maeven happy we played dvd’s of baby praise and worship.  While she was faced backwards and couldn’t see the dvd, the music kept her happy and it was so cute to hear her trying to sing along until she eventually passed out and slept!

Tonight we arrived at my brother and sister in laws and have just really enjoyed hanging out with them and basically relaxing.  While this vacation probably won’t be amusement park exciting we are so happy to have some time just to decompress after a long summer, fellowship with friends and family, and catch up on some much needed rest!  I’ll try to post some pictures over the next few days!


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