Maeven’s first trip to the zoo…

Today, we took Maeven to a zoo for the first time.  I must say she did much better than I anticipated.  The weather here was beautiful and so it seemed like everyone and their mother were out at the zoo today. With so many people I just knew we would have a meltdown, but that meltdown never came.

For most of the day we kept Maeven in her jogging stroller and she laid back with her legs propped up on the tray totally relaxed.  Towards the end of the day she was  a little restless so I got to do the daddy thing and carry her on my shoulders which she loved since she could twist my ears.  To me it seemed that she enjoyed the aquarium more than anything and seem to be totally fixed on watching the fish. My guess is that all the bright colors and everything reminded her of watching tv with the Bubble Guppies!

Over all the day was a lot of fun.  We really enjoyed hanging out with Erin’s brother and his family.  They have season passes so the girls having been there a bunch acted as our tour guides and told us where the different animals were and why some of them weren’t their any longer.   It was just a great day to be with family!

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