a fun night out…

Tonight we enjoyed our last night in PA by going to a local state park with my brother-in-law and his family.  It was a beautiful park that has a huge lake.  Erin and Maeven went with all the girls into a portion of the lake that was roped off for swimming.  While the water was decently warm the air was cool so they didn’t last that long.  Maeven was also enjoying trying to crawl, but wasn’t sure about how the sand and rocks felt on her knees.

While the girls were swimming my brother-in-law and me went out on kayaks around the lake.  Growing up at camp and taking vacations in MI we often went canoeing or sailing, but other than three years ago when I was here I haven’t kayaked very much.  As we were paddling out it took me a bit to get used to the kayak paddle versus what I am used to in the canoe. Also there seemed to be a current that we were fighting on our way out.  There was a little island we paddles out to in the middle of the lake and went all around it.  As we made the turn to head back to the girls we got into the current and weren’t fighting it any more which made for easy paddling and better speed.  I really enjoyed the kayak and wish I had a place to get into it back home, but don’t know about how to get started, so we’ll see.

After we were done at the lake we packed things up and headed back to the house.  There I got to enjoy giving Maeven her bottle and rocking her to sleep.  I’ve really enjoyed putting her down for the night lately because as soon as her bottle is finished she turns towards me and hugs me tight and lays here head on my shoulder….you just can’t beat that.

Finally we ordered some pizza and have just been enjoying the night by watching tv and having good conversation.  I love relaxing vacations!


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