a clear mind???

How does a person clear their mind?  That has been a question that I have been struggling with for the past couple of days.  Even though I am technically on vacation right now and  should just be enjoying resting and family time, some issues have came up that have caused stress and then me to dwell on that stress.  No, I am not going to share about what these situations are as they are varied and personal, but yet I do find them constantly on my mind even to the point of causing anxiety and a blah attitude.

Through discussing these stressors with my wife and some other’s that I highly respect and value the opinions of, I have been given advice on things to do, but the main thing I have heard is that I should clear my mind and just try to forget things for now so that I can enjoy my time off a bit better.  And I sincerely want that clear, peaceful, blank mind that could come if I could just push this stress to the side and hide it from my memory for the next couple of days.   Yet even now as I am longing for that and have spent time praying for a clear mind it still creeps back in.

So can someone truly clear their mind?  I hope so….I really hope so…


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