battery running low…

Last Saturday as my family and I were getting ready to head to PA on vacation I thought I had everything ready to go, but as I blogged earlier this week when I turned the key in the van nothing happened. I got out the jumper cables and soon we were under way. Whew! I thought I had dodged a big problem there.

Throughout the week everything ran great on the van. We went many places with not a single problem. Then on Wednesday we drove to Erin’s parents in WV and all went well there too. Yet this afternoon when I was getting ready to take Erin to a movie today the van was totally dead. So we quickly borrowed her mom’s car and went to the movie.

When I came back the van was still dead. With Erin’s dad’s help we took the battery to the auto parts store and got it tested for signs of life. If the battery had been on a heart monitor it would have been flat lining….totally deceased. So we ended up getting a new battery and whalla! All is working well now and I am feeling much better about travel in our van.

So by now you are asking why did I write such a mundane blog about a dead battery. Well, because I am thankful for my dead battery. Both times that the van died on us I was with my family and able to get the situation fixed for the time being. When I think though that the battery could have given up the ghost when Erin was out somewhere all alone in an area that might not be safe, I thank God that we were able to locate the problem and deal with it at a safe time. Sometimes when things are a pain, if we step back we can see how God is keeping us from a greater problem in the future. And for that I am thankful!


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