getting ready to return for a busy week…

Tomorrow we are heading back home after a very relaxing week of vacation.  I have enjoyed the time to catch up with family, enjoy some fun outings, and catch up on some much needed rest.

On Tuesday, I will officially be back and off to a running start.  We have a busy week at the Rec Center with youth bowling leagues, multiple other leagues, and on Saturday night a mini-lock in for grade school age kids.  I am actually going to be speaking at the lock-in so please be praying for me as I prepare a devotion this week.  Much like speaking to adults, the younger kids are not a group that I have a lot of experience talking to.  So pray that I can give the truth to them about how much God loves them with out going over their heads or watering it down too much!

Also, on Thursday we will begin after school Bible studies again.   Last year we tried having the study at the Rec Center, but some of the kids said they couldn’t get a ride or made up other excuses about why they couldn’t come.  So this year we are going to try and have the study after school in one of the classrooms.  Hopefully between being at the school and some area churches bringing food some of the teens will be much more dedicated.  I really am praying that these students who claim Christ will truly grow this year and not only desire but take action to see their school impacted for Christ!

At the end of the week we hope to be going to look at a house we are very interested in buying again.  Please pray as we seek God’s will that things like price, our house selling, and just peace from God would come as we are searching.  It seems with this new baby on the way that the urgency has gained momentum for us to find a place, so we really want to make sure it’s God’s place for us and us not trying to force something.

I hope your week gets off and going well and pray that God would give us all opportunities to share Him this week!


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