don’t be a pippen….

Over the past couple of years I have noticed a problem that I am thankful I have yet to suffer from, but have seen many others who do this is the problem of tipping.  Whether it be tipping a waiter or waitress, or giving the delivery person a tip many people struggle with this.  While I am not for sure which is worse, the painfully cheap tip or the all together no tip at all, I am positive both are wrong.  There is even the worse yet, no money tip, but I will give you a Gospel tract tip, which absolutely positively wrong, but is a topic for a blog on another day.


No Tippin' Scottie Pippen


Growing up I was a huge Chicago Bulls fan.  Michael Jordan was my hero and his #2 guy Scottie Pippen was also someone who I thought was just awesome.  Then when I moved to Chicago to go to Moody, I began to hear rumblings of a different Pippen than I had seen on television.  Several of the guys who lived on my dorm floor worked in the valet business and it became common knowledge that Scottie had a nickname, “No Tippin’ Pippen!”  One of the wealthiest and popular men in Chicago was know for racking up huge dinner bills and valet bills and then not leaving a tip.  Talk about being a cheap skate and someone not to be looked up to.  And the longer I was in Chicago, the more I read in the newspaper and heard on sports talk shows about how Pippen had gained a huge notoriety as a non-tipper/cheapskate.  Not at all the kind of press we should desire.

While you and I might not ever have the millions that Scottie has had often we find ourselves in the position of needing to leave someone in a service industry a tip.  Do we find it rewarding to be a generous tipper?  Or is it a totally painful experience for us and the giving hurts?  I want to encourage you to become a generous tipper.  The first reason is that people in the service industry need and deserve your tips.  Often these people make lower wages, many getting most of their pay from tips, and even more often they have some of the roughest jobs with having to deal with you and I the annoying public.  For delivery people, the last time I checked, gas is not getting cheaper.  Some of these people have to cover their delivery gas out of their own pay and depend on your tips to make up more than the difference!  So tipping is just the right thing to do!

Next, and most important we have a testimony for Christ to share.  Sure Joe Schmo the delivery boy or Susie your waitress may not know you from any other stranger on the street and may not know if you claim to know the Lord or not.  Yet each person God allows us to interact with is a person that we can show the love of Christ too.  They may not know who you serve, but our words and actions should show them.  Maybe you live in a small town like me or somewhere where people do know you?  In those situations people DO know who you claim to worship and believe in!  Are you reflecting Christ in your tipping?

One of the excuses I have heard for tipping besides just not having the money is that it’s too hard to figure out the percentage.  Well, in our technology age this is no longer an acceptable excuse.  Most phones, especially iPhones and Android based phones, have free apps that you can down load that will not only figure up different percentages of tips based on the total bill, but can also figure up what each person should tip if you are in a large group.  And if you don’t have that technology yet, your conscious can definitely figure out if you are generous or a cheap skate!

So, I encourage you, don’t be a scrooge!  Tip generously and tip often!  Tip as a testimony to the Lord!  Tip well my friends…tip well…


2 thoughts on “don’t be a pippen….

  1. DJ Timbits says:

    Hey Andy,
    How do you feel about people in the service industry who give bad service or treat you badly? Should we still tip them the same? Why or Why not?

  2. reccenterwreck says:

    I think in those situations, we still have to be concerned about our testimony by how we react. While tipping may not be an option. We should at least calmly talk to management and let them know in a nice way why we don’t feel we should leave a tip. That way hopefully the person who treated us poorly can get their act together and at the same time we didn’t give them an opportunity to complain about us and hurt our testimony. Hope that makes sense!

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