today in review…

Today was a busy but amazing day.  I really wondered how things were going to go today as I was busy most of the early part of the day at the Rec Center catching up on some computer work and studying for Bible study this afternoon, but really didn’t have any patrons at the Rec Center.  I was also feeling nervous about the Bible study this afternoon as several of the students had written to let me know that they wouldn’t be able to make it.  So to be honest I really wasn’t sure what God had in store for the rest of my day.

When I got to the Bible study it was just awesome to see the students come in to participate.  While in my lack of faith I was hoping for around 3 or 4 students, God proved once again how much bigger his plans are than ours.  I didn’t get an exact count but I am pretty sure 15 students were there.  We dived into our study of “The 7 Checkpoints Every Teenager Should Know,” by Andy Stanley.  Today we talked about how we need to makes sure to set aside alone time with God and to make it a priority in our life.  We talked about Renewing our minds and how when we come to know Christ we aren’t magically different, but we daily have to give our thoughts and desires over to Him and seek to have the mind of Christ each day.  I was just very encouraged by the participation from both students and teachers.

After the Bible study was over I came back to the Rec Center where we had our after school jr. bowling league.  Last year we had the league on Mondays and between 4 schools averaged about 30 or more kids a week.  This year God has again blessed in a greater way than we ever imagined and there are so many kids that we have had to split the league into two days.  On Monday over 60 kids participated and today we had around 50.   I am so thankful for this opportunity that God has given us to build relationships with these kids and their families through the jr. league.

Tonight we just wrapped up the final night of our Men’s bowling league. I bowled above average which was amazing since I haven’t bowled in about two weeks.  I am very excited for next week though, as we start our winter men’s league.  We already have 10 teams signed up to participate, which means each week their will be over 5o men here that we have an opportunity to reach.

As we move into the fall I am really excited to see all the ministry opportunities and doors that God is opening up!  Please pray for the people we are reaching that they will come to know Christ and that we can show them how to grow in their relationship with Him.   God is truly awesome and doing great things!!!


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