being still and silent…

This afternoon I have been working my lessons for tomorrow’s after school Bible study at Lee County High School.  The section of our study that we are in now is on spiritual disciplines.  The lesson this week is actually on the discipline of being still and listening for God to direct us and speak to us.  As I was studying the lesson I really got convicted about how little I am actually still and listen for God to speak to me.  Often even if I do have a “quiet time” of Bible reading and prayer, my mind is still racing in fifty different directions.

doing whatever it takes for silence and stillness!


These different directions that my mind is racing aren’t bad things. Generally speaking they have to do with ministry related issues that I have coming up in the near future or stuff to do with taking care of my family.  Yet, they distract me from what I  need most, to hear God’s will and direction in my life.  I need a clear heart and mind so that my focus is not taken from the One who deserves all my attention and praise, not just a small portion!

So this week, I am going to be setting myself to the task of being still and clearing distraction to focus on God.  With ministry issues, a wife, a baby, two dogs and various other things I know this won’t always be easy….but it is necessary.   I encourage you to find a way to be still and silent for God this week too!


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