after school Bible Study…

This week I have been working on my lesson for this week’s after school Bible study at LCHS on Thursday and also praying for our students and adults who will be attending.  I am still amazed and blessed by the opportunity that God has given us to help show local students how to study their Bibles and also teach about how they can have a close personal relationship with Christ.  Even though we have this opportunity at the school, there are still various circumstance that are keeping some students who would like to join us from being able to attend.  Whether that be sports, family issues, or a whole slew of other reasons, students who really need to be their can’t.  We know that Satan would love nothing more than to prevent growth in the lives of our students and to stop them from impacting their world for Christ.  Please join me in praying that this would not be so.  Pray that we would be able to encourage and equip our students and they would in turn have a relationship with Christ that would set this world on fire for Him.   God has blessed us with an awesome opportunity and I know He will use it to accomplish great things for His kingdom!




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