Just wanted to give a quick update on our current housing situation. As you know we have been trying to find a larger home for our growing family. The good news is we have found a place that seems to be perfect for us. It has enough living space, storage, land, and is priced better than anything we have seen so far. Also, we have been pre-approved for a loan which is great news.

However,there is a catch. Before we can close on the loan we have been pre-approved for we must close on selling our current home. With baby #2 on the way and this house seeming to grow smaller each day as Maeven expands her territory, we are praying for a miracle that our home will quickly.

Also, we have decided to sell my 2002 Buick LeSabre to help prepare for the Baby #2 expenses that are ahead of us. There is nothing really wrong with the car and it runs great, however with the van and my work truck we just aren’t using it. So we have decided to use it to help us financially! Once I get it cleaned up and show room worthy I will post some pictures of it with details. The Silver Bullet is a great care with great gas mileage, so if you are interested let us know!

All my classifieds aside please join us in prayer for both the sale of our house and car. I know this is a bad market time right now for selling houses and cars, but I also know I have an all-powerful God who is over homes and finances and can do the miraculous. So please join me in praying!!!


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