being disciplined…

For the past few weeks I have been teaching a Bible study after school at LCHS on Thursdays where we have been going through the study “The Seven Checkpoints Every Teenager Should Know,” by Andy Stanley.  Also during our weekly FCA huddles we are studying about how to be a Game Changer for Christ.  Even though both of these studies are done by totally different people, for the past two weeks our lessons have been over lapping as we have been talking about Spiritual Disciplines.

I’ve been amazed as we have talked with students about the importance of setting aside time to grow in their relationships with Christ through prayer, Bible study, memorization, and meditation, how so many have never added this into their life.  Even in the smallest amount of time.  Yet, we want to stand up for Christ and share Him with others, even in the face of temptation and hardships.   How can we or our students stand strong for someone we don’t spend time getting know?   So as I have been teaching I have been encouraging the students to dive into their disciplines, make time no matter what for Bible study and prayer, get rid of distraction.  And as I have encouraged them, I have been challenged to apply this even more to my own life, and while I know this is a simple concept, it’s one too many people overlook…and I pray this blog will encourage you to be disciplined to seek a closer relationship with God!


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