greedy netflix….

When I lived in Chicago, I never subscribed to an internet movie service, never rented movies off the tv or anything like that.  I had the convenience of walking out of my apartment and having a Blockbuster where I could either rent something easily or buy a movie even cheaper from the used dvd bin.  I also had more opportunity to go to the theatre and watch a movie occasionally.  Shortly after moving back here to rural Kentucky I realized I wouldn’t get to go to the movies as often and I just couldn’t bring myself to pay full Chicago price for a movie rental that I had to bring back the very next day.  I sometimes got movies from the library which was free and let you keep your movie for several days, however they usually only had one copy of a film and so it sometimes took weeks to get the movie I wanted to watch.

Then my future wife Erin introduced me to Netflix.  For a cheap affordable price I was able to get dvd’s in the mail, keep them as long as I wanted for no extra charge and had the opportunity to watch some films online when I was near fast internet.  It was great, I was able to have access to movies I couldn’t find around here like older classic films and independent films.  Not only that, no place near here could touch the price.  I was ecstatic!

A year or so into this great relationship with Netflix my prices were upgraded without warning.  Even though it was just a $3 increase I didn’t mind.  Sure it was an inconvenience to pay more, but I still was getting a service I didn’t have access to otherwise.  I also figured this company needed to raise rates due to mail rates going up.  So, I sat content to look over this raise.

This summer though my relationship with Netflix changed. I was alerted first through the media that not only was Netflix raising my rate by double, but they were also cutting out online streaming, and I would no longer be able to get my 3 dvd package.  Also, they didn’t have the courage to let me know individually.  Yesterday afternoon, I finally got an email from them letting me know that they were going continue with their changes, but also to keep getting dvd’s I would have to sign up and enter my information all over again at their new website Qwikster.   I couldn’t believe it…they were apologizing for not letting me know, but not for the changes.  And on top of all that they want me to take their greediness, plus put in more work by re-entering my personal info and selecting an whole new que of movies.   At this point I had had enough.

As I read online about other people who were just as upset at I and I couldn’t believe a company would commit this kind of business suicide as it seems millions of customers are revolting and leaving the company.  One blogger I read, compared Netflix’s dividing into two websites to his kids dividing a lemonade stand into two  stands, one for lemonade and one for ice….even kid’s know you don’t do something so greedy and still keep business!

During all this frustration and feeling cheated by Netflix, I was reminded of a former friend from my years in Chicago….yes Blockbuster.  Sure you can’t find them on the corner anymore, but online they offer the same great service that Netflix used to offer.  I was able to get my original Netflix package from Blockbuster cheaper with online streaming too for no extra charge and no separate website.  Also, another pain with Netflix is that you often had to wait 28 days after a film’s dvd release to get the movie…not an issue with Blockbuster.  When I cancelled my Netflix account and they asked why they didn’t even give a place to tell about feeling upset over their changes.  I guess that way they don’t have to admit why they are having this mass exodus of customers.   Either way, I am happy to be rid of them!

If you are a Netflix customer and are as frustrated by Netflix’s corporate greed as I am, I highly encourage you to revolt and leave them as well.   Their are several other ways to get movies online, on dish, or through Blockbuster and if all else fails, return to books!!! Either way make the change!  I implore you to make the change!


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