baby girl’s bday party…

Today we celebrated Maeven’s 1st birthday at my parents house.  We decided to do a small family party this year because we sorta figured that Maeven wouldn’t even realize what her birthday was!   That being said, we were joined by not only my parents, but Erin’s parents, my sister Amanda, and my Grandpa and Grandma Cramblet from Michigan.

We all really enjoyed watching Maeven open her gifts and get really excited.  As I had guessed before the presents, the wrapping was the biggest hit of all.  Both of her grandpa’s had a fun time basically playing bull fighters, as Maeven charged at the the paper they were waiving they would pull it over her head and she would start laughing really hard!

Erin and her mom, Cathy, worked really hard on making Maeven’s bday cake.  It was a cute little giraffe.   When we gave Maeven her piece she was so excited and couldn’t believe we would let her feed herself and play with her cake.  But, hey! What are birthday’s for.

Thank you so much to our families for all they did for Maeven’s birthday and for many others who wished her a happy birthday!  It was truly a fun time to celebrating our precious daughter’s 1st year!


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