customer service…

Last night I blogged a short message from my phone about my frustrations with HughesNet and the poor quality internet service that they have  given us over the past few weeks.  Today after many transfers and  and several times of calling and being put on hold for 30 to 40 minutes at a time I finally was able to speak to someone who could give me some answers.  After much debate I found out what I already knew, the problem was on their end not ours.  However, the problem was that they still wanted me to pay a high unreasonable amount to fix the problem.  Keeping my cool I calmly asked them how they could expect me to pay a huge amount to fix their problem when because of their problem we lost money at the Rec Center by not being able to do credit card and debit card transactions.  To this my “helpful” customer service agent had no answer.  Finally after much more haggling I got the fix it price down to a less painful amount.

I am not writing this blog to just sound like a complaining old man who should be talking at the end of “60 Minutes.”  I am just frustrated with the lack of true customer service that I have found in dealing with some big companies like HughesNet lately.  I had always been told growing up that in business the customer is always right.  While I know from dealing with the public at the Rec Center that the public is not always right, I do know that you have to listen to them and take responsibility when you have made a mistake.  Making the customer pay for your mistake and giving them the run around is not an option no matter how nice that would be.   Yet I keep findin myself in situations where that is what the company is doing.

So, let me wrap up rant, by saying if you own a company or even deal with the public, please treat them the way you hope they would treat you.  With kindness in respect!  Also, if you have any other options, unlike us in rural KY, please seek internet providers somewhere other than HugheNet!


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