in the house hunt home stretch….

Good news as we are approaching another month in the new house process it looks as though we are nearing the end. If all goes according to plan our house will sell in the next two weeks and by October 27th we will close on our new house. This time has been pretty stressful as we are trying to figure out packing moving, hoping that our house selling will go through, and also trying to figure out how to get painting, fencing, carpeting and various other things done to the new house while still keeping up with all out ministry responsibilities.

To be honest with you all it’s a bit overwhelming when I think of all the things that have to happen within the next few weeks. My balding definitely feels like it is speeding up. The thing though that I am taking comfort in and rest in is the fact of how awesome our God is. He has provided us with a great house for our family to grow in after months of searching. He also has provided a buyer for our house after one we were depending on backed out. I know He can work out all the things that have to happen and make them smoother than I can possibly ever hope for.

As we seem to be in the home stretch of this long process, we thank you for your prayers on this journey and as you to keep praying for us!


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