sharing about KMM…

This week as some of you might know from my twitter updates I have had the pleasure of being back in Chicago for Moody Bible Institutes annual missions conference.  One of the things that is great about this conference is that we get a chance to teach various seminars to the students about different aspects of missions, while at the same time sharing our own personal testimonies and trying to recruit both long and short term staff.

This year I am teaching a class on how sports ministry can be used with any age group, from kids to seniors.  In the seminar I go over different reasons why sports can be so effective with any age group, share some of my personal experiences, and also share with the students about the opportunities for sports ministry that KMM has for them.  Between my seminar and the seminars our other staff members are teaching we received a lot of good feedback.  Please pray that many of these students who showed interest would be led to come serve in Kentucky with KMM.   We really need more staff and younger staff and when we talk to these students is awesome to think of all the potential to grow our current ministries and develop new ones!

It’s also been great being able to visit with some friends while being here.  The hard part is just that there are so many people i would love to see, but between our busy schedule and the shortness of time, it’s just not possible to see everyone.  However, I am truly blessed when catching up with friend to see how many awesome people that God has brought into my life!

Tomorrow we have another full day of seminars, so please continue to pray that God would place the ministries of KMM on the hearts of many Moody students!


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