back home safe and sound…

Last night we made it back from a great week of recruiting, participating in, and enjoying the missions conference at Moody Bible Institute.  Yesterday, as the conference was closing, I had an amazing opportunity to help lead over 70 students in praying for students here in the United States in our middle and high schools, colleges, and for international students studying here in the U.S.  It was awesome as we prayed for our students and the teachers, coaches and others who impact the lives of students.  We also prayed through various passages of scripture which was also highly encouraging.   I am really excited to see how God is going to use the missions conference in the lives of students, and as I have said before i am praying hard that some will feel called to ministry here with KMM.

Today, has been a busy day of working around the house and trying to play catch up, working on the house laundry and various other chores.  The exciting thing was that we went to look for some appliances and furniture that we are going to be needing when we move.  It was exciting as we found out that we are going to be able to not only get what we wanted for furniture, but also even a step up from what we had hoped for in appliances.

Also, within the next week and a half we really need to close the sale of our current home in order to be able to close on the new home on the 27th.  Please pray that everything works out from the buyer’s loan to me not forgetting any paperwork that I need to do.  Lots of ministry stuff with KMM is going on, the Woolly Worm Festival, and lots more going on it’s going to be a mad rush to do these closings,  get one house packed, get the other one ready to move in, and move.  So, not complaining, just asking for prayers!  I know God can help us get all we need to done and give us much needed energy!

Well, time to catch up on some dvr’d tv before getting a good night’s rest for church tomorrow.  Have a goodnight!


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