my sick little girl…

For the past couple of days my sweet Maeven has not been herself.  She has been pretty fussy, tired, had a runny nose, and been playing with her ears a lot.  We knew she might be getting an ear infection and were monitoring here well.  Then yesterday afternoon she started feeling warm and sure enough had a temperature of 102.9 degrees.  We gave her medicine to help bring the temperature down and help her feel better, but still this morning called in an appointment for her at the pediatric’s office.

I just spoke with Erin a little bit ago and sure enough Maeven has a pretty intense ear infection in her right ear.  We feel blessed that this is only her first ear infection as we have many friends whose kids have had a lot more.  And we are glad that the meds she was prescribed should help bring down her temperature.

The hard part is just that we usually have a very happy and very social little girl.  Seeing her in pain and so fussy is just sad, because that is just not who she is.  Hopefully though she will be back to her old self pretty soon.  Please keep my sweet baby in your prayers!

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