loving my visitors…

This weekend we are having the big Woolly Worm Festival here in Beattyville and with the Rec Center having a pizza booth, I am working at the Rec making pizzas pretty much all day.  The best part of the day though has been my visits from Erin and Maeven.  Not only because they brought me a delicious blooming onion from the festival, but because my little girl is just a total sweet heart.   it was fun watching her try to crawl/walk.  Also she decided she would be a cheerleader for one of our teen bowlers this afternoon clapping and laughing as he bowled.  She is also talking more and more, and I can’t wait till all that jabberring with mixed words becomes complete sentences so that I can hear what all is going on in her head.  I know I have said it many many times, but I am truly blessed.  And when I wake up in the morning and head to work I will be excitedly waiting for my visits!


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