housing update….getting closer…

Well, while we haven’t moved yet we are getting closer.  By the end of this week beginning of the next week we hope to close on our current home and then within a couple of days close on our new home.   In the mean time I have been slowly starting to work on the new home.  A couple of nights last week I started working on the kitchen cabinets.   Thankfully the previous people who had lived in the house had already stripped and sanded the cabinets which is the hardest thing to do.  So I have been slowly applying polyurethane and bringing back a color and shine to the cabinets.

Our New Home...

Today we were able to go an purchase, hopefully, enough paint to begin painting the interior of the house.  With the home currently being empty painting should be relatively easy compared to when we painted in our current home with all the furniture in the way.  The time consuming issue will be removing lots of dry wall screws that were used all over the house to hang pictures and other things, and then spackling and sanding the holes to prepare for painting.

If we are able to make a lot of progress this week and the next, and able to close in the time frame i gave above hopefully around the first or second weekend of November we can move.  With lots to do in paperwork, closing, painting, packing, and much more plus a lot of Rec Center stuff, including and all nighter this weekend we really need your prayers for energy and that everything will come together at the right time!   God is good and while slightly overwhelmed, we are excited to see how He will work in the next couple of weeks!!!


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