learning as I go…

Tonight I spent about 4 hours after work at our new home working on cabinets, spackling, and preparing to paint.  While I am enjoying doing stuff to get the house ready, especially while enjoying some Johnny Cash and Elvis, I must confess that I am learning as I go.  For instance tonight is the first time I have ever done spackling.  With having never done this before I didn’t really know how much spackle to use and may have gotten a little carried away on a few holes, actually quite a few.  So when they didn’t dry as quickly and I saw how easy it was to sand off the lighter spackled holes verses the heavier spackled ones I realized I had used too much.

That’s just one example of what I am sure will be many more as I am going along in this whole moving process.  Even figuring out the paperwork part of selling and buying has been a new experience for me.  I sorta feel like I am using the braille method of moving forward until I hit something and then readjusting as necessary.   Hopefully any mistakes will be like tonight and be minor learning experiences verses major oops situations.  In the mean time keep praying for me!


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