a busy night and a request…

Usually Wednesday evenings are low key for us with going to church and then returning home for a little tv time.   Tonight though we took Maeven to her first ever Harvest Party at Bear Track Bible Church.  We dressed her up in her lady bug costume and took her out to the party.   While she was a little fussy as it neared her bed time, but always the social butterfly she really enjoyed watching and trying to talk to all the other kids.  She even tried at one point to crawl into the ducky pool.  And as always her grandparents loved taking her around and showing her off!

Daddy and his Ladybug!


After the party I went back to our new home and painted for a few hours.  I was able to get the second and final coat of paint done in the living room.  Tomorrow night with a little luck I can get the kitchen done or most of the way done.  I plan on going back tomorrow night and if there are any adults out there with painting experience and a spare roller I would love to have your help!   I’ll also be heading over Saturday afternoon to paint bedrooms and bathrooms….so if you want to make it a painting party just let me know!

Well, off to be for some much needed sleep before getting up for FCA!


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