babies and new home ownership….

As usual I apologize for the lack of blogs lately.  Over the past week we have been very very busy.  However, the good news in the midst of all this busyness is great.   First of all, on Tuesday we went to Erin’s monthly baby Owens#2 check up in Richmond.  We were able to watch the baby on the sonogram screen and found out that we are going to be having a Boy!!!  Judah Andrew Owens will be joining us in mid-March!   We were excited to let all our family know, especially trying to trick the grandfathers into thinking we might be having another girl.   I have always wanted both a boy and a girl so we are very very excited.

Also, we officially closed the loan process yesterday on our new home!


It feels so good to have the loan process and that whole roller coaster over with.   I have been slipping out to the house almost every night this week and painting till late so that we can move in as soon as possible.  To those who paint for a living I admire you, as I have just grown to hate painting.  I am seeing progress but have much left to paint and many more nights of painting.  That being said, it feels great to have a home that we can grow as a family in, host others, and just enjoy.  God has truly blessed us and for that I can’t begin to express my thanks.

Be praying for us over the next few days as we pack and work on our new home to get it move in ready.  I have been working a lot and so it’s taking a bit longer.  Pray that stuff will get finished in the right time and also for help with painting, moving and various other tasks.   Hopefully we will be moved in and can have you over soon!


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