finally connected…

When we moved into our new house the other day it was a huge relief after weeks of wondering when and if we would sell the old house and when and if we would be able to close on our new home, and then wondering if we could get all the work done in time to move in when we wanted. God blessed and all things fell into place at just the right time. And with the help of several awesome friends we were able to move!

Since moving though I have been pretty disconnected with the world. Until today we were without both internet and tv. On Monday we were supposed to have the tv installed, but things went very awry. The installer called over an hour later than he was supposed to to let us know when he would arrive. By that time I had to head to the Rec Center leaving Erin to meet with him. He ended up showing up even later, being very incoherent, to the point Erin thought he might be high. He also complained that installing anything would be impossible without looking at the house. And the final straw was that he forgot all his tools and the right equipment and wanted Erin to lie to the company and tell that it was her fault that he couldn’t do the job so that they wouldn’t fire him.

Needless to say I called up DishNetwork and told them about the whole debacle and let them know that I didn’t want that guy or his installation company back in my home. Thankfully they were very apologetic and allowed me to call a local installer who did a great job installing everything today!

We also finally got our internet hooked up and so now we can keep up with the outside world. It feels good to have a lot of pressure off of us now and to be connected again. Thanks for all your prayers too throughout this whole process!!!


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