Weekend of Champions update…

Thanks so very much to everyone who prayed for us and our students as we attended FCA’s regional Weekend of Champions Event yesterday.   Nine students travelled with us to the Lexington Christian Academy where they were able to hear some very challenging speakers who challenged them to be bold in sharing and growing in their relationship with Christ.   Both myself and Ms. Napier, our teacher sponsor, were very impressed with how well our students behaved and participated.  But even more impressive was the way they talked about their classes they were able to attend and what they learned.  Last year several of our students did really well in their classes, but there were also some immature ones that we had to talk to about language and not focusing on how cute boys were.  This year none of those things were issues and our students.  Our students did awesome and really seemed to take everything in.

Tomorrow our students will be heading back to school and then we will meet with them on Tuesday.  Please pray that they will take what they learned and were challenged with this weekend to impact their school.  Also pray for Erin and I as well as our teacher sponsors that we will be able to continue to challenge them and equip them.  I know God has great things in store for our students!


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