a good night with my girl…

Tonight I stayed home with Maeven while Erin went to church.  Maeven has had a cold and with the rainy weather we didn’t want to make it worse.  Along with  all that Erin had a missions meeting at church tonight and I haven’t been able to spend much time with Maeven these past few days, so we agreed I should stay here with her.

At first I thought the night was going to be rough with her feeling icky.  But, we started out great and just had a good night together.  I got to help her finish her dinner and then she helped me catch up on some ESPN shows followed by Bubble Guppies.  Afterwards we played some games on my phone and discovered a toddler coloring app for my phone that she absolutely loved.  One of the best moments of the evening that was when I was reading her little book about Thumper the rabbit making friends and she turned around, looked up at me, said “Hey Dad!” and gave me a big hug around my neck.  I almost teared up getting squeezed by my baby girl!

After a little time of playing we got her ready for bed and let her enjoy a warm bottle of milk before laying her down for the night.  Lately she has been crying for an hour or so each night when we put her down.  I think it’s partly because of being in a new home and just not feeling well with teething and a cold.  However tonight after a bit of rocking I laid her down in her crib and although there was some quick sobbing she has been sleeping soundly for over an hour and a half now.

I know if you read this blog regularly you are probably tired of me hearing about how much I am blessed by this beautiful little girl God has given us.  Yet, every time I am with her I can’t help but feel that way and thank God for each moment with Maeven!



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