hoping to stay healthy…

This afternoon, I got a call from Erin and she sounded pretty rough. The cold she has been trying to fight off for a few days now sounded like it had finally caught her and left her voice almost totally gone.  Also, Maeven has had a pretty good cough and been fussy for a couple of days.   I really think the busyness of travel and moving over the past couple of months has caught up to everyone and now we are more susceptible to whatever bugs are going around. And even as I sit here typing this blog, I sorta feel a little rough myself and hope I’m not next on the cold hit list.

That being said, I foresee lots of vitamin c and other preventative juices in the next few days as we try to fight off the cold before heading to see family for Thanksgiving.   So, anyhoo..I am praying my family gets better, I don’t get sick, and that you can stay healthy and enjoy your Thanksgiving as well!!!


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