Maeven health update…

Last night I wrote to you all about my family trying to stay healthy.  Little did I know what today would have in store.  This morning we woke up and found Maeven in her crib covered in puke and also her entire crib covered.   Erin cleaned her up, only to have Maeven throw up on her as well.   Needless to say Erin didn’t go to FCA with me this morning and quickly got on the phone trying to schedule Maeven a doctors appointment.

They were able to see Maeven at the dr’s office in the early afternoon and so Erin and Maeven headed to Richmond.  We thankfully found out at the dr’s office that Maeven didn’t have virus.  However, she has really bad allergies and all the drainage is causing her to throw up and not hold down food.  So he prescribed her some meds which will hopefully will have her feeling better by Thanksgiving!  So please keep her in your prayers and especially pray we don’t wake up to any more throw up surprises!


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