holiday ups and downs….

This has been a pretty rough holiday for the Owens family.   On Thanksgiving morning Erin and I awoke bright and early to some sort of bug that had us both miserable all day.  Thanksgiving is usually one of my  favorite holidays especially as it comes time to gather round the dinner table.  Yet yesterday, two bites into my meal I found the smells and noises of the dinner overwhelming and had to break away from the feast before adding to it.

Another bummer is that we had really wanted to make it to Walmart’s black friday special last night to get a deal on a camcorder for our family.  Unfortunately, I just was not able to go and so while I thankfully missed the confusion I still missed the camcorder deal.   And then to top it all off we woke up this morning to find Maeven had a rash of some sorts on her legs and face.

Don’t worry thought, this post is not all gloom and a big bummer.   Maeven’s rash has started slowly going away and she’s not fussy at all which is great.   Also, after much searching I was able to find my camcorder deal online without and shipping charges!   So, things are looking up and hopefully Erin and I will get to eat a good meal today…..saltines and sprite are a bit old at the moment!



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