they’re everywhere…

Growing up in Kentucky and having parents that travelled and having out of state visitors at the camp and our home often led to me hearing the jokes and the stereotypes about rednecks and hillbillies.   And while I have seen many people in my home state of Kentucky that may fit those negative stereo types, my foray into black friday shopping yesterday confirmed to me one thing that I already knew….redneck is not a regional issue, it’s a state of mind!

As I walked around a Target near my in-laws house in West Virginia, I must admit I felt like a traitor to my beloved Walmart.  And while most view Target as a higher class better quality of Walmart, it became painfully obvious that the same redneck stereo types about Walmart are just as bad as Target.  There was the little skinny middle aged woman wearing a painfully short jean skirt, a teeny bopper shirt that was much too young for her, and some sort of polar bear/yeti white hairy boots.   There was the little man with a handle bar mustache and a belly that looked like he was 9 months a long poking out from underneath the sweat shirt with a little bit of sweaty belly hair!

I know you might be saying, well you were in WV and that’s the same as KY.  But, you would be missing my over arching point of Rednecks are everywhere.   My friends at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago used to always tease me about being a redneck.  Yet when I went home with several of them to their homes in Freeport, IL in a quick trip to the Walmart and gas station I saw more mullets than I have ever seen in KY.  The same is true for my foray’s into certain Meijer’s stores in MI.

So why do I bring this issue up?  Why is it worth blogging about?  Well, it may not be worth blogging about but, it would be smart to remember no matter what state you find yourself in, be careful who you talk about being a redneck or hillbilly…one could be very close by.  Also, it may even be you!


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