end of November update….

The past few days have been a pretty rough whirlwind health wise for the Owens family.  Erin and I both have still been battling getting over our Thanksgiving illness.  And yesterday we took Erin to the doctor for her pregnancy check up.  With all the sinus, virus, and other health issues he put her on bed rest for the rest of this week and then we take her back to the doctor on Friday to see what’s next.   God has blessed us though with Erin’s friend Kristen visiting this week and being able to help Erin take care of Maeven while I am at the Rec Center during the day time.  I have also been blessed to be able to get things covered here at the Rec Center when she leaves tomorrow afternoon so that I can help at home for a bit with Maeven.   Please continue to pray for Erin and baby Judah’s health though.  Dr. Smith seems to be just doing the bedrest as a preventative measure to help ensure good health for both mom and baby.   So, we are praying that things will be fine.

Also this week I have been continuing talking to our FCA students about how to pray and why we need to pray.  At the Weekend of Champions event we took the students too they heard about how God was using prayer to change several high schools in our state of Kentucky.  We want to challenge our students to do the same and to pray that God will do great things at LCHS and LCMS.   So last week we talked about giving adoration to God in prayer for all His wonderful attributes.  This week I was speaking to them on 1 John 1:9 about the importance of confession in prayer and how confession is a vital part of a growing relationship with God.   Please pray for our students as we challenge them to grow closer to God in prayer and also pray as we are challenging them, that God will do something huge for His kingdom at LCHS and LCMS.

Lastly, I just wanted to share a funny picture of Maeven.  She is growing and talking more and more each day.  I am so blessed by my little girl!

The Fussy Butt Face


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