a promised catch up….

This week has been a busy week of ministry and life in general.  With this being the last week of school for our local students before Christmas break we had several outreaches.  Last Saturday night we held our annual FCA Christmas party at our house.  We invited all of our  high school and middle school students over for a fun night of games, food, a Christmas movie, and just a good time of fellowship.  About 10 students attended and we had a blast with them.  It was great to be able to have our new multi purpose room in the basement where the kids could be loud and have fun, while Maeven was able to sleep peacefully upstairs in her bed too!

FCA Christmas Party


Also this week we wanted to do something special for our after school bowling leagues.  So rather than having another week of just pizza and league bowling.  So we invited Preacher Bill to come with his ventriloquism dummy’s Henry and Homer to come talk to the kids.  It was awesome to see the kids listen intently as Henry and Home shared with them about the true meaning of Christmas.   So often we do more relational evangelism with these students that it was nice to be able to openly present Jesus and see the kids take it all in.   Sam Judd also lead the kids in some Christmas Carols before we let them enjoy Cosmic Bowling with some very festive Christmas Music!   It was an awesome time with our younger students!

JR Bowling League Chrismas Party w/ Henry and Homer


Today, I had the opportunity to go to LCHS for their monthly Club Day.   I had the opportunity to meet with a group of students for an FCA huddle in the morning and another in the afternoon.   We updated the students on upcoming FCA events in the spring and then also about some reward trips for those who attend faithfully in the next semester.  Angie Hall, our faculty sponsor, did a great job sharing with the students about how Christmas is all about the “Unspeakable Gift” of Jesus Christ that we celebrate at Christmas and encourage the students to never forget what Christ has done for them.   I was also able to share with them about not keeping the gift of Christ to themselves.  I am truly thankful for the open doors to share the Gospel that FCA has given us in the local school system.

On the home front things are going well.   No new sewage problems and/or other house problems this week which was a huge relief after last week’s sewage fiasco.  Erin is doing well, although I can see where the pregnancy is really starting to wear her out quicker each day.  It seems as though her and Maeven fall asleep at the same time and myself and the dogs chill for awhile before we head to bed.   But, no complaints I am so thankful for my family and the way God has blessed us.

No blog would be complete without a picture of my beautiful girl Maeven!

Daddy's girl with a cold....



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