airing of grievances…

Today is December 23rd, which not only is the day before Christmas Eve but to Seinfeld fans everywhere is also Festivus Day.  Festivus is the fictional holiday where such fun things as feats of strength are shown and a Festivus pole is put up.   Another part of Festivus is the airing of grievances where you talk about being wronged over the past year.  While totally silly the episode always made me laugh.   And today while I awoke and wished a few friends a Happy Festivus, I really was planning on a Festivus day free of airing of grievances….but today turned out to be a long long day….

Today got off to what seemed to be a good start.  I woke up this morning and had some prayer time, got ready for the day, and even had a little extra time at home this morning to enjoy some coffee and Mickey Mouse with Maeven.  Erin talked to me about whether or not I was excited that this was my last day of work before the Christmas days off.   I told her yes, I couldn’t wait to be home with the family for Christmas, but I knew today would be a pretty busy day before we got to that break.  I didn’t realize how true my words were.

I arrived at the Rec Center this morning and from the front of the building everything seemed pretty normal.   As I began making my way around the building opening things up I noticed a few things out of place, but just chalked it up to the closing crew from last night having a busy night and just making some mistakes, but as I walked to the back of the building to check things out and saw daylight coming from a door, I knew something was definitely wrong.  Sure enough some one or some people had broken into the Rec Center last night.   Unlike past burglaries that we have had things didn’t seem badly out of place and so I hadn’t been expecting to see that some one had broken in.   Yet sure enough thieves broke in and stole all our donation jars for the Rec Center and our new bathroom project.   They also busted my office door and stole some stuff from there.   All in all with money and damages the Rec Center was out several hundred dollars.

So, today was busy with calling my Dad and Wayne to let them know what happened.  Having the state police come in to investigate the break in, making arrangements to fix damages, and in the midst of everything still getting the place opened up and making a ton of pizzas and food for everyone.

It was definitely a day of crazy feelings and emotions.  It’s an eerie feeling being alone in such a large building when you realize that someone has broken in.  Wondering if you are still alone and also letting your mind race and do an inventory mentally to find out what could possibly be missing.  Then there was the emotion of anger, wanting to severely hurt or at least hurt a little bit whoever would be so brazen to break in and do damage and steal from a place that is there to help the community.  Frustration over wondering what ou could have done to possibly prevent what had happened and try to figure out who would have done this.  The feeling of being overwhelmed by what has happened plus trying to make it through normal workday business.

Even though I have experienced all these emotions and frustrations today, I am thankful.  I am thankful that even though we were robbed, experienced some damage, and just the feeling of being took advantage of and violated personally, that things weren’t as worse as they could have been.  Our various equipment for bowling, games, computers, fitness, and other stuff was not damaged or stolen and for that I am truly thankful.   Also, the damage that was done we were able to repair today.   And God also blessed us with the strength and energy to do what we needed to do today.

Please pray that we might find out who did this and that justice will be served.  While I have gotten over my initial anger and wanting to hurt someone, this is the 5th time in four years we have had some sort of burglary, and it would be awesome to finally see people brought to justice and send a message that breaking and entering and stealing are not things you can so easily get away with.  Most importantly it’s just another reminder of how much the people we are trying to reach need Jesus.  So pray that we can show love during this frustration and hopefully be able to share Jesus to whoever did this.



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