the night before Christmas…

A Merry Christmas Eve to everyone!   Today we went to the Clay County Christian Youth Center where we met up with all of the Owens Family to celebrate Christmas Eve.   With such a big number of people it gets way to crowded for any one house.  So with the ability to fit everyone in and let the kids have a place to run around and play like crazy the youth center works out great.   Maeven particularly enjoyed herself tonight as she was able to interact with all the other kids and crawl like crazy while loudly hollering go go go.   She even loved her present tonight of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse books.

It was a lot of fun to not only enjoy Maeven but also spend time catching up with family and just enjoy being together.  And as always there was a lot of good food to indulge in!

This year I have so much to be thankful for that God has truly blessed me with.   The way He has brought me through a busy busy time at work, the way he worked everything out in his perfect timing and gave us a great home, the opportunities to share Him with others, and also just for another year with my wonderful family.   My wife and daughter are the best Christmas present I could ever want, and I can’t wait for Judah to join them next year!

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