random thoughts on little experiences and big know it alls….

I subscribe to several different blogs and sure enough when I open my emails rss feed everyday there they are waiting for me to read.  A few are of different friends and others over various authors and people in Christian ministry that I like to read and listen to.   Today as I was reading one of the blogs, I couldn’t help but think that I knew people like the author was blogging about.

The blog was about how so often we know Christians who do short term missions trips and come back and act like they know everything about the country/culture they went to  and we are part of the awful western society.   While all of us in the Christian bubble at some point or another have met this person or even been this person, it got me thinking about how often we do this with so many other aspects of our lives.   We get a basic knowledge of or small experience of something and not only do we then think we are experts, but we tend to look down on those who don’t share our experiences or new points of view.   I really think this is something as Christians we have to guard against.

Living in a rural area as I do sometimes when I get to get out and experience things that larger churches or mission organizations are doing in larger areas, it’s really easy to come back and based on my teeny experience with this new thing act as though I got it going on and others don’t.   I think there is that balance we need to find of introducing our experiences and ideas to others with out being pushy and condescending.   Yes there are things in my rural ministry that we may need to change and outside ideas we may need to introduce, yet sometimes others have already tried that or some ideas are just better suited for others places.  Or maybe there is just a way to nicely melt the two ways of thinking together.  No matter what the case may be, we can’t come in be condescending and think we can get anywhere.   Not only because it will stump our so called “progress”, but also because it is a horrible testimony.

Yep, that’s right a horrible testimony.   Too often we forget about our testimony when trying to push new ideas or experiences.  When someone doesn’t hop aboard our train of thought, rather than being nice and showing love, we want to run that train of thought right over them as we smash them into the ground or push them out of our way.   Even if we are totally right (be careful with the thought of being totally right, because most of the time we are not) we still have to show the love of Christ no matter how others react.

So anyway, I know that wasn’t a deep theological blog, but I feel it’s very true and something that we must guard against in all situations, especially when sharing our new experiences and ideas….


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