a discussion with my dogs…

Last night as my pregnant wife drifted off to sleep and to leave me to watch whatever I wanted  on the tv, I found myself engrossed in a strange/weird, but yet unable to turn the channel type of show.  On Animal Planet a new show called American Stuffers was on about a family in Arkansas that runs a taxidermy business and the different jobs and cliental that they run into.  The family on the show was fine and not the stereotypical nutty stars you would find on other rural exploitation shows, but the people they dealt with were nuts.

Growing up in the south I am used to seeing people getting their trophy hunting prizes or fishing prizes mounted for display. And to be honest I have no problem with this.   However, when I was watching this show seeing people come in to have their pets stuffed and posed as house decorations…..well….that was too much for me.  Several different people came in to have their little dogs stuffed and posed.  And while the taxidermist did a good job at making them look life like, the owners were totally nuts!   They were crying about how these dogs had been their best friend and now they are going to be with them always.  And their were all types of nuts too, from big bad crying bikers to the crazy cat lady.   All I could think is these people need some serious counseling.

As the show went off I turned to my two dogs Angel and Nixie.

Angel and Nixie....my dogs who will not be stuffed!!!

I looked them in the eyes and told them that I love them and I will do all I can to give them full and happy lives.  However, one day their time will pass and while I know that that time will be sad for our family, they will be getting a burial and not becoming household decorations.   That might sound harsh…but well…that’s just the way I feel!


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