middle school FCA….

Today we returned to LCMS for our middle school FCA Huddle.   Middle school FCA is always different from the high school FCA huddle because the students really don’t talk and interact unless you directly ask them questions.   Today I talked to them about New Year’s resolutions and how Joshua resolved that no matter what him and his house would serve the Lord.   I used that to challenge them to resolve that no matter what this new year brings that they would serve the Lord and be bold for Him.

Please be praying for our LCMS FCA huddle every day.   Today we had six students attend and one of them was a new student which was great.  While we don’t do FCA for numbers last year we had around 30 students a week at one point attending and this year it has been a struggle to get new students involved and interested in joining us.   Also, with middle school students being more quiet and less interactive it’s also hard to gauge where they are spiritually sometimes.   So please remember this huddle and Erin and I in your prayers.  Pray that God would send us the students He would have to attend and also pray for Erin and I as we prepare to speak to them each week that we would be sensitive to God’s leading and what our students need.   God can do some amazing things at LCMS, so pray we will be diligent in sharing His love there!


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