Today, is my time for a rant that may or may not make sense to you and really has nothing to do with any deep spiritual thought.  Nope, it’s just a pet peeve of mine that I would like to discuss…grammar.

When I was growing up here in southeastern Kentucky, my mother would always get onto me about being careful about my grammar. She couldn’t stand it when I would use words like “ain’t”.  It didn’t matter that “ain’t” had been added to the dictionary, it was still looked upon with disdain.

While I am proud of my Kentucky roots and love being from here, I began to notice as I went to college in Chicago that I was becoming more and more careful about my speech.  Sure I would use some of my homespun KY phrases for laughs or analogies, but when having serious conversations I tried to do my best to you proper grammar for the mere fact that I wanted my opinions and ideas to be heard for what they were and not automatically be invalidated as garbage because my grammar usage was poor.  To be respected as knowledgeable you have to sound knowledgeable, plain and simple.

This has been something that has stuck with me ever since my college years and I have done my best to try and get better at.  Thinking through what I am saying and expanding my vocabulary.   Yet as I work with more and more people, not just from here but from all over, I find myself really frustrated by the lack of caring about grammar.   Many students especially think it sounds cool to sound ignorant.  When you say something to them about it they get on to you for dissing who they are.  However, it’s not a problem of who they are, it’s a problem of not wanting to educate and expand who they are.  Over contentment in so many areas of life breeds laziness and ignorance, and not trying with grammar does just that and at the very least, let’s others assume that about us.

So what is the point of my ramblings about grammar today?  Well, it is simply this, let’s try to be careful and guard our grammar usage.  Phrases like, “He don’t got no…” or “I don’t got no…” need to “go” from our conversations.  Don’t give anyone a reason brush you aside and think of you as ignorant, merely for the fact that you have gotten lazy in your grammar usage.  God has created us to be intelligent beings who are capable of doing great things.  Don’t let your grammar cause people to doubt that!


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