praying for mk’s & pk’s….

As most of you know I grew up a PK (preacher’s kid) and with that of course heard all the stereo types about how pk’s are wild and get into trouble.   While I am not going to deny that I got into my fare share of trouble, I must confess that I didn’t really struggle with the stereo type as many other pk’s have.

We all know or have heard stories of pk’s who have either struggled with their own faith and love of God, or have turned their backs on God all together.   Sometimes it is due to the lack of their parents being around due to ministry responsibilities or even being hurt by something someone in the church did to their family.  Whatever the reason many have struggled with or totally walked away from a relationship with Christ.

This week I read a post an acquaintance of mine posted about Tim Tebow and Daniel Tosh.   Most everyone knows that Tim Tebow is a Christian whose parents were missionaries thus making him an mk (missionary kid).  Whenever he gets a chance Tebow has taken he time to thank Christ publicly and to share his faith as often as possible.  Tebow has also been an amazing witness in helping those who are needy or struggling with various ailments.  And with all this being done so publicly many of of Christians have been praying for him to stand strong as he has also been blasted in the secular media.   Tim has been an excellent example of what a solid believer can be for Christ when given such a public platform and he definitely needs our prayers.  He is an product of parents who were in ministry that grew close to God and has an amazing strong relationship with Christ.

The other person that was posted about was Daniel Tosh.  While I have not seen the video myself, Tosh who is known for his crude and often very profane brand of comedy, evidently put out a highly blasphemous video making fun of both Tebow and God.  While I agree with my acquaintance that this was a deplorable act and is an example of how low our society will go to bash Christ and his followers, there is one thing that my acquaintance lost sight of, or perhaps didn’t even know….Daniel Tosh is a pk.

I don’t know a whole lot about his history or the background but it has been well documented that Tosh is the son of a pastor.  Somewhere along the way he was faced with the choice to embrace the Christ he grew up learning about or turn his back on that relationship. While Tebow chose to embrace Christ, Tosh decided to shun him.   I don’t know what has happened to make Daniel Tosh bitter and cynical towards Christians and Christ, but something did.  And that makes me very sad.

While the post I read was right that what was said about Tebow was vile and that we need to pray for him as he is attacked for his faith, in the post the one thing that was lost was the need for prayers and intercession for Daniel Tosh.  Christ died for both of these children of full time minister’s and Christ loves them both.   One needs your prayers for strength to stand strong and one needs your prayers to find his Savior.

So, how often do you pray for pk’s and mk’s.  The world is full of them from kids who will struggle with their faith, the ones that are in that struggle, those like Tebow who have chosen to follow, and those like Daniel Tosh and Katy Perry that need Christ desperately.   I know many people prayed for me as I was growing up with parents in ministry, and I want to do the same for those children of missionaries and pastors that are out their today….including my own kids..

Please pray for our mk’s and pk’s…


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