dr. visit update…

Last night I blogged about how I was nervous about going to my doctor appointment today.  So after much prayer and a pretty sleepless night last night, I headed to Richmond for my appointment this morning.   The good news is that I don’t have any major problems, especially anything that could lead to cancer.  The bad news is the doctor couldn’t say definitively what exactly was wrong.   He thinks all my symptoms show I have something that I can’t pronounce that is often set off by major IBS which I do have.  So basically I have to radically change my diet, take meds, and try to eliminate a lot of stress from my life.   Most depressing of all is I pretty much have to give up caffeine as much as possible, thus killing my enjoyment of soda and new found love of coffee.

sad to lose coffee and soda....

I know many of you were praying for me today and I greatly appreciate it.   It means a lot to know I have so many prayer warriors out there praying for me!  Please continue to pray that treatment of what the doctor thinks is the problem will work and that I will have relief from a pretty painful experience.  Thanks so much!


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