another night of internet frustrations and bad customer service….

For the third night in a row I sat down to try to blog something only to find that my internet was going in and out again.  So, for the third night in a row I called up their customer service only to be told that their is transponder out and they are working on it.  Rather than letting me know when the problem is fixed and automatically crediting my account for the days lost, the told me that when my problem seems resolved call them and let them know so they can give me credit.  While I don’t claim to be the brightest crayon in the box, I do know that this is terrible customer service and if I weren’t already bald I would probably be pulling my hair out.

So tonight rather than trying to right something inspirational, I am writing a very firm words of wisdom and warning.  First, if you have your own business or work in customer service, please do a better job than the folks at HughesNet.  Lastly, I implore you if you have any other internet options do not, DO NOT, go with HughesNet!!!!


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