bowling and Bible study…

Today has been a great day here at the Rec Center.  Right before lunch some new weight equipment was brought to us from central Ohio.   There are several pieces of free weights and weight machines that we have been needing that were donated.  If you work out you will definitely have to come check them out!

This afternoon I am getting ready to head out to Lee County High School to have our weekly after school Bible study.  This week we are going to see what the Bible says about making wise choices based on our past experiences and our current circumstances.  Please pray that not only will students attend but that they will also be open to discussion and challenged to walk closer to Christ!

Tonight I am returning to bowling in the men’s league after being out several weeks under doctor’s orders.  While I am excited to bowl again, I must confess I am nervous after having been off so long and also a little sad to give up a night with Erin and Maeven that I have really come to enjoy  these past few weeks.   Maeven is growing up so quickly and changing each day.   But I pray that through the bowling league I will get opportunities to share the love of Christ with the men in our community.

Thanks for all your prayers for our ministry here in KY and we hope you come visit us soon!!!


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