snow on the way and home alone…

Sadness, yep that’s what I feel at the moment.  This week looked to be overwhelmingly busy with several nights of not getting home till really late.  Understandably when Erin heard about my schedule she didn’t like the idea of being home alone so much, so her and Maeven decided to go to WV to see the grandparents.  I kissed them goodbye and hoped  that Saturday would come quick so that I would see them soon.  Little did I know that my schedule would be very different.

On Thursday night I wasn’t expecting to get done until 11 or so and then head home.  However, the team we were bowling only had one player show and we finished way before I normally do.   Thus I could have spent time with Erin and Maeven last night.  Then tonight I was supposed to go to Lexington with the high school bowling team, but due to the bad weather that is supposed to be heading our way the school cancelled out match and I get to go home alone for the whole evening.  I am glad that Erin and Maeven get to have a good time with the in laws, but I do miss them so.  This is by far the longest I have been with out them since Maeven was born.

So, I bet by now you are tired of my pitty party so I will wrap this blog up.   On a positive note, being alone is definitely a reminder of what an awesome family God has blessed me with!  Can’t wait to have them back!!!


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